Tuesday, May 15, 2012

porting to iOS

One thing I've been meaning to do for a while, but have kept putting off is starting to make games for iPhone and iPad, and porting the one game I have released so far on Android Marketplace, as well as the one I'm working on now to the iTunes App Store.

In order to do so, I would need, at a minimum, the following:

* An Intel-based Mac running a recent version of Mac OSX (Lion or Snow Leopard)
* The most recent version of Xcode that I can run on the version of Mac OS X running on this Mac

To get the latest version of Xcode would require OS X Lion, which requires a Core 2 Duo Intel Mac. The iMac that I'm using is an earlier model Intel Mac, and only has the Core Duo. It works fine, albeit a little slow, but only has OS X 10.5. I just put in an order with Apple for 10.6 so that I can install Xcode 3 with the iOS SDK. Once that arrives and I get it installed on the machine, the plan at this point is to go ahead and get the Unity iOS Pro license added onto my existing Unity Pro license and start porting my Android game Patience over to iOS.

The actual porting process may just be a simple re-compile, a bit of smoke testing to make sure it doesn't crash, as well as getting the right-sized icons and screen shots ready for the App Store submission. It might, however, involve a little bit of debugging, which feels a little scary to me right now, because I have no idea how that's going to turn out, if it is even an issue. The only iDevice I really have in my possession right now is a second generation iPod touch. I have no idea if that's going to be able to handle the game or if I'd have to require a newer generation iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad. I may need to enlist some beta testers (please e-mail me if you might be interested in participating in this) to help me identify any issues in the iOS build of the game, device-specific or otherwise.



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