Tuesday, May 8, 2012

daily blogging habit

I've started making more of an effort to blog daily after seeing a couple of people I know do it themselves for various self-development reasons and also reading in a couple of places that it can be useful for taking responsibility for one's own thoughts. Having just admitted yesterday (earlier today really) to blowing most of my weekend on playing Skyrim when I should have been working on my own game or at least playing some of the other Ludum Dare 23 submissions might be one example of this.

Because I'll be writing every day, and because blog posts are better when they form some kind of complete thought, I may jump around in topics from time to time. While I plan to mostly focus on video games and video game development, I am also at the moment studying various productivity techniques and philosophies, learning Perl. I may also at some point, probably at least a couple of months down the road, start reading The Art of Computer Programming and then The C++ Programming Language after that for what I would estimate would be something like a months-long computer science refresher.

I keep my reading habit to about 30–60 minutes in the morning, after breakfast, with coffee, and 30–60 minutes at night, just before bed, and after I've closed everything down for the day.

Some days, I might relate something from my reading that I thought was interesting, and some days I might just be talking about making games, and some days I might just talk about whatever game(s) I blew the day playing. I don't expect any one of these sub-topics to, on its own, form a complete blog on the topic, as I don't expect to be that completely focused on any one thing in my blogging. If this were to be all strung together into a book, it might be called The Diary of a Journeyman Game Programmer.

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