Sunday, May 6, 2012

making this fun again

I made a few tweaks and adjustments (read: ugly ass hacks) to the implementation I had for converting the 2D buffer format I created for storing generated maze data into actual objects that appear in the game. It looks like this part of the system is working fine now, but the mazes generated still seem like they could use some improvement.

For one, the algorithm itself assumes that we're generating a maze with a set starting point and ending point, which isn't really the case with this game. We just want something to navigate around that has some twists and turns and isn't just straight corridors all around. It does need to have plenty of alternative pathways to get from point A to point B, because we're really navigating to a set of randomly-determined points where macguffins will be placed.

The other thing, and perhaps if this alone were cleared up, then a more straightforward maze setup might even be interesting enough on its own, is that even if there were a start point and an end point, it would likely be impossible to navigate between them, probably due to some bug in my implementation. So working this out is going to be top priority. Once that's done, then we'll see about adding some things to collect and maybe revisit the idea of adding some AI-controlled things-to-avoid.

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