Thursday, May 31, 2012

i think i see a light a little ways down this tunnel..

Got the new game working on my EVO 4G last night. I have to say it really fits well with the accelerometer controls. There's a bit of fit & finish I could add in from a previous project, as well as a Unity feature I haven't tried out yet, but I think would help make things look a bit smoother and faster. I still haven't added any collecting of things back in. It's still just a ball “rolling” around a branching maze. I'd like to poke holes in some of the walls to make it a bit more navigable and maybe add back the collect-all-the-noms mechanic. Also, sound. Gotta have sound. I might spend half a day to a day messing around in Bfxr and doing mixdowns in Audacity. Or I might break out the MS-20i to try and get a somewhat more authentic early-80s sound.

Still haven't settled on a name yet. Still undecided on the chasing enemies thing. That will require a bit of prototyping of how the AI would work. I don't think it should present a whole lot of difficulty, but I have been known to be proven wrong, so I'm taking a wait and see approach there. I think there could be other ways of adding tension to the gameplay if that were to go totally wrong for some reason. It should be alright, but it never hurts to have backup plans.

It was really exciting to see the game working on my phone and to have other people play it and start to intuitively get it pretty quickly. I may want to add in maybe one or two lines of instruction for people who've never played a tilt-to-roll-a-ball-type mobile game before. I'll probably also just spend a couple of days just jamming on the basically-complete game and just keep adding more juice and polish to it.

So, given all that, it's starting to look like it could be done sometime next week. The thought of that even possibly being the case is making me giddy. :)

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