Wednesday, September 21, 2011

working / not working

i'm doing this because i want to.

creativity is emergent by nature, requiring a vast interconnected network of knowledge that is often times very disparate.

what separates this from any other job i've had in my life is that, because i have no boss, i answer to nobody but myself. in a way, this is freeing. it can also be argued that this can result in laziness. i think there's some truth to that. but i'd hardly call what i'm doing right now "laziness", even though there is no clear result being sought after at the moment.

what will happen is the creativity process. vines will grow from the seeds and entangle together into a tight mesh, and something new will form. if it's something good, i'll put it out there for you.

on a side note, i tried playing Patience again after a while of having not played it, and realized it is shit buggy in some spots. i'll have to fix that when i get time. if you happen to have any other feedback about it, please feel free to let me know.

just as the saying goes in the startup world that it's never about the idea, but rather the implementation of the idea, in the art world, a painter is only as good as their mastery of their technique. this used to mean being able to produce more and more photorealistic renderings on the canvas, but this changed radically with the invention of the photograph. traditional artists were now rendered obsolete for the most part by technology. instead of having your portrait painted to be hung on the living room wall, which required you to stand still for hours, perhaps days at a time, you only had to pose for a photographer, which took mere seconds. now it is done in an instant with our camera phones and posted straight to our facebook pages for all our family, friends, sorta-friends, and various not-so-strangers we've met along the way to see, tag, comment on, like, retweet, and who knows what else. art has become more in-the-moment and contextual now than about trying to render some still image of our so-called "reality".

i believe that games, with the advent of a number of new technologies in recent years, is on a similar cusp.

i am learning my craft, and look forward to mastering it some day, and sharing the fruits of it with you.

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